Sunday, August 10, 2014

it's *COTTAGE HOME* sale week!

i always use a lot of exclamation points. it's how i think in my own head...
and i talk in exclamations too i guess, but this is a legit exclamation worthy blog post!!!

:  D

i ran around in the "shop" (my garage) and took these photos to show
you this morning. the official set up for the sale started yesterday and
christa and i spent all day- till 10 last evening, doing displays till
we just had to quit. our feet hurt but we were on a
roll both having so much fun making our great junk look so fabulous.
here is a whole album of pictures from what's set up so far...
(with several days to go). 

baby  V.  got to stop and visit on Saturday as we were setting up. her gram
and auntie's are part of the creative junkers in the sale.

this doggie ball launcher is not part of the sale... :  )
the incredible antique dress however IS!

i just keep moving the COTTAGE HOME sign around and taking
pictures with it...having so much fun with displays it's almost like
having a real live store again, like i once did!

this striped red and white nut bowl is older than i am...and that's pretty old~

i love old silverplate anything.

this is a great cottage blue and white desk- yep-for sale

kinda dyin over this set of 4 mugs!

giddy up!!!!!!!!!!!

this cloche on an antique silver stand is one of our
"ahhhh" pieces.

as are these vintage stained glass windows~

old hand painted china is the best! all you need is a few fresh picked
flowers  in them and you've got instant charm.

we have baskets and bags, angels and appetizer plates. mirrors and
lamps and artwork and jewelry...we have a "hayrack" that'll be full outside and
things around my garden. we've shopped and scrubbed and please don't
ask us where we got the stuff cause it's all just a blur now. we've been in
basements and garages and thrift shops and attics and each others closets too~ we've
cleaned out our houses and also made new stuff.

you seriously should not miss this sale.......cause now that
we've started started setting up it's even better than
i imagined and i promise there will be something for everyone-
(unless you're a dude between the ages of 4 months & 89).

and here's the best part (and also maybe the worst- i'm running out of steam!), we're still
working and probably will be right up till the doors open this next friday

& AUGUST 16TH 9-4

7590 canyon curve
chanhassen, mn
(remember cash only)

come early if you want---but stay in your cars...we mean it- haha, we'll still be
putting the finishing touches on stuff and flowers in all the vases!!!
we're fun like that~

with lots of love and now i have to get busy, you just have NO idea what all
i hope to get done yet today so ta-ta for now dear friends!

xo beth

*happy, happy birthday to my dear friend annie marie!

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