Wednesday, August 27, 2014

my gardens are in their glory right now~
i walk around every day dead heading spent blossoms, 
pulling weeds here and there and watering and it
is such a feeling of contentment to me.
since i was a little girl and lived with my gram- who always
had about an acre of flowers blooming on any given summer day-
tending to flower beds and bringing a handful of them in to put in
just the right vase, has been one of my favorite things.

thanks to my neighbor shelly i have morning glories everywhere!
it never ceases to delight me how they tendril and trail off and 
twist and turn themselves around. they just make themselves at home
and crawl up anything near them. i have them in a window box in the front of
my kitchen and they have nearly cut off my view outside completely.
it's cool and kind of like a secret garden. kind of makes up for the lack of
shade there after having our big front yard tree cut down.

there was an abundance of these butterflies on the zinnias last week.

and i know we need bees- like really neeeeeed them to pollinate all of our food sources, but heavens to betsy they are aggressive this year. it's more than a little disconcerting to 
hear from several sources about multiple stings and allergic reactions that nearly 
turned deadly this summer. i had a reaction a few years ago, but got stung last year and this year again and didn't swell up or get hives but, our oldest is very allergic and he got multiple
stings two weeks ago that blew his face up and caused quite a scare, so we just got epi pens for up north and i hope we never need to use them- but if we do- i'll sleep better knowing that
they're there. for now though little bee friends- just leave us alone and
keep enjoying my pretty posies, ok?

xo, b
or bee,
 or aunt bee to some- : )

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