Monday, August 25, 2014

the things we do for love~

our cottage home sale was a big event for us girls.
i really had no idea how much we had to sell!

the double garage was full, we had two tents outside, a big trailer full
and more spilling out on the yard and driveway.

it was a lot more work than i was anticipating too and without all the
stellar help from good friends i would have literally had
my patooty handed to me.

there would have had to be a self check out lane with a sign that said, pay what
you can or what you want~ heck just take whatever you want and bag it yourself ...
and~ guess what? there are no
carry out boys to help you get the stuff to your car either.

none of that happened though cause i have amazing friends that were here
 to help christa and i-
*special thanks to susie, maggie, leslie and laurie- (who added such amazing loot to our sale!)   

this is what the garage looked like when we opened it up on friday morning. we still had
a lot of work to do!
we lucked out with weather- it was pretty flipping hot- but at least it didn't rain.
it was also so dry that there wasn't even any dew on all the things we left outside overnite. yes!

friend cindy let me borrow her yellow bug to have in the driveway by our
lemonade stand. it just looked so cute, cottagy and like a big lemon don't you think?

another view inside the garage

and more from outside

we even had baskets lined up for the serious shoppers as a holding area

leslie, christa, muwaa, maggie and sue.
suz- we loved having your generous help and getting to hang with you all day was
such fun.

i'm not as short as you might think- maggie is 6'1" !

cousins nancy, maddy and barb- hi girls!
*so sad i didn't get a picture of cousin kelly (a brand new dr.)  and her son who came
all the way from spicer.

friends sue and leslie k.
leslie was our resident flower girl. she brought beautiful flowers 
from alexandria and then made numerous trips around my yard, gleaning
all kinds of flowers and berries and even a tomato to arrange in vases and 
made our displays look pretty.

one of my lifelong besties laurie, drove a long ways to surprise me
with her darling daughter and 2 grandbabies i'd been dying to meet~

this is my real life ballerina friend lexi. 
lexi lives in new york and dances with the new york city ballet!
she was home visiting her family

i found this cool old schwin bike while out junkin. 
it was one of the few things i could not sell- i added the basket and then
leslie filled it with flowers. these black eyed susans still look pretty out there today. :  )

when i saw this picture i laughed... i think i look tired.
aren't the morning glories glorious though?

this last picture pretty much wraps up our feelings by the end of day two.
it was all really great and i was thrilled with all the people and all the
fun our shoppers seemed to be having. lots of shoppers referred to it as 
our "first annual" event...but when it was over
i said '-ummm yeah- probably not....hahaha not unless it's in someone else's yard k.?

i really was on a mission from mars to find great stuff to put together and
resell..... i spent hours and hours getting it all cleaned, painted and priced.
 the sale kept christa and i busy all summer (and was my job). 
i sold a lot and have some hard earned proceeds and 
if you were kind enough to come to
hang out and shop- i hope you had a lovely time. 
we appreciate you and loved seeing ya'll!
thank you for supporting us.

it was all pretty great here on canyon curve for the week of august 15th. 
i still have my tent up in the front yard. just kind of still enjoying 
the ambiance and feeling it brings, like there's about to
be a fun party or event of some sort here-
come by and sit with me in my rocking chairs out there if you have time.
it's lovely now, just quiet and lovely.


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