Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the weather man says the heat index here in the twin cities 
will be over 100 degrees by tomorrow. 
that's hot.
but it's summer right? and summer is hot.
it's mid august now and the summer of 2014 is wrapping up.
if you have kids you're no doubt stumbling through office max or target
with a mile long list of required school supplies. (including several boxes
of kleenex. there must be a lot of runny noses in classrooms across america.)

i am still in recovery from the sale of the decade on canyon curve that
we held in my yard last week. until i get some photos edited and have the
energy to show you some of the fun, i'm going to revisit some
favorite images of summers past.

a little "salute" to summer!

 my dear friend cheri

this is my darling daughter- now known as the BTB
(bride to be)- have i told you a dress has been ordered?
ohhhhh- the dress! wait till you see it~ she emailed me last night and said that she loves
it so much she cannot imagine only wearing it once, so she plans to do
date nights with her hubby and  just keep on wearing it.
:  )

 sweet-sweet niece ashley-growing us a baby boy last summer

 surprise! my youngest "on" the lake, not in it
(he and his friends have to show off for each other- they are young hotdogs still)

 love this boy so much- my grandson snoozing in the truck with duke,
on the way to the lodge last summer.

 my handful of beach glass, treasures given up by lake superior

 adria and i in front of that same big water

 another precious niece and her little one sammy- so adorable!

 just a reminder- you never know what's in the water people

 love this

 me in a quarry at one of minnesota's beautiful state parks

have a wonderful day...and if you're anywhere near water,
GO AHEAD~ ride your bike into the lake. life is short.
i double dog dare ya.

xo, beth

*remembering with love, my lifelong friend char's wonderful mom, tootie.
she went to heaven yesterday. she and her husband russ
hold a very special place in my heart and always will.
**i am sooo not ready for this generation of beloved people
to slip away from us...if you haven't thought about this, i don't mean
to be a major depressant here, but if you're my age, we'll be the oldest generation.

life is short my dears, run barefoot in the rain!
if you want to skydive, go skydiving.
if you want to quit your job, quit your job and find a new one.
if you want to eat dessert for breakfast-why not?
take some time for you- take the time to get quiet and search the
truest part of who you are and make sure you are living the life you want to live.


  1. Ok, when Kev and I were in Grand Marias a couple weeks ago walking along the shoreline of Lake Superior, I kept saying to him I need to look for sea glass. He had no idea what I was talking about and said GOOD LUCK. I didn't know how to do it. I said, I have to ask Beth. When I saw your picture, it triggered my memory to ask you!! Love, Jill

  2. jilly! it's not everywhere- that's part of the reason it's so precious...but you basically sit your butt down right along the waters edge and use a found stick to just start digging in the sand and looking- in no time at all you'll hopefully find some and it is THE BEST! It's kind of addicting- as in, once I find some, I never want to get up and quit these little gifts from the sea.


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