Tuesday, August 12, 2014

o.k. ladies and gents, here is my last shout out with pictures before the sale.

if i show you any more there will be no surprises!

hee hee

old chandelier, now candlier!

wait till you see these filled with flowers.
when you buy a vase with flowers at our sale you get to keep the flowers,
remember? i said we are fun like that!

back in the day when ladies wore hats they used hatpins. these are hatpin holders.

there are some wonderful lamps

we have a bunch of great books~ scuse me while i go bury my head in one.

bags, need i say more

sincerely hope you'll have time to come visit us and check out all the fun stuff.
we've worked our tushies off getting ready and it's about as
fun as a store right on the other side of this wall as i sit here typing.
who knew that my icky old garage could be transformed like this!

i may just keep it set up like a great room from now on~

*on a serious note, i cannot just let the fact that robin williams is gone pass without
that man delighted us in so many ways and i will always remember the
laughter he brought to my life.

james taylor said it well
"i am sad that he is gone, but i am so grateful for everything he left us".
depression is an ugly companion, if you're struggling or have a loved one
who is, be kind to each other, be extra kind to yourself.

with so much love, beth

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  1. Hello Beth!

    Lexi and I can hardly stand waiting to see these pictures come to life on Friday!!! Kinda reminds me of the good 'ol days of Bella Pear... best boss and job I've ever had : )
    Continue creating and delighting us and we'll see Friday pretty lady!

    XO Cheri


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