Thursday, September 4, 2014

half the larson's spent labor day at the lodge.
northern minnesota~ ~ ~ there's nothing quite like it.
 the peace, the quiet...the pine trees.
& the mosquitoes.
they're back with a vengeance.

after a dry spell the county that our cabin is in got a good amount of
rain and things started to come back and now as the summer draws
to an end the gardens and food plots are coming to fruition.
(have you ever used that word in a sentence? might be a first for me.
all you teachers out there- did i use it correctly)?

the hubs has a big food plot that has hundreds and hundreds of sunflowers in it.
he wasn't so sure i should be picking any of them for the cabin- but hey- pretty
sure he won't miss this many. : )

dad and son busy putting in fall crops

 on saturday i decided to peek and see what was under the soil. i planted 20 hills of organic potatoes and the first hill was less than "state fair worthy"... there was only 4 small ones but they sure are a unique, fun color- a deep wine.
 the carrots are sort of mini sized too- but hey that's what i always choose to buy
so it's all good. i have never grown summer squash and there's quite a few of those so
i need to get creative on how to use them. I think you can use them pretty much like
zucchini. i'm going to try them in a lemon loaf and also will roast some with carrots and other root veggies. when you eat food that you've grown yourself it's just such a feeling
of satisfaction. brings me right back to my roots.
no pun intended.

 i took this little rocker to the cabin, but it needed some tlc so i painted it with annie sloan's old white chalk paint and then sanded down some edges and lars cut a board for the seat. i just
used a cushion i already had on it. it is comfortable and has a nice spring action.

since i was heading home and the guys weren't i made ginger snaps and oatmeal choc.
chip cookies and put in the freezer for them- that was sat.--- what do you bet they're already gone?

this is eric's new john boat. why they are called this i don't know- but they are for
duck hunting and here the 3 of us went to an area lake to see how it worked and
how fast it would go and if it held water. important stuff like that.

after the maiden voyage he let it dry and then got down to the serious business
of camouflaging it. this may look easy- but 20 can's of spray paint and a couple hours of work is not. there's a method and a certain artistry to the job. he tries to match the camo to the
area where he'll be using it. (for instance there's not a lot of cattails, so he didn't 
draw any of those). i know for certain that if i'd applied spray paint for that long, my trigger finger would never be the same. his didn't even bother him. oh to be young again!

sister dawn came for a couple days and she enjoyed watching her nephew work and 
she also fed the mosquito's with her own blood so they'd leave him alone.
she's nice like that. she missed going to the rodeo with us, but did get in on
4-wheeling to town to eat and people watch. she's been on the road for almost a month
straight and she mostly just wanted to chill out. i don't blame her!

my favorite part of the paint job?
look below.

lars got a bear permit for the first time ever and he packed and paced and plotted and planned and laid out all his stuff and then would literally go in the bedroom and check it all every couple of hours till it was time to go. have you seen the movie legends of the fall?
he was one excited dude- but i know -because i know him so well- that he was
also nervous. how'd you like to be 3 miles back in the woods alone looking a big old bear in the eye?  it's day 4 and so far he hasn't seen one.
don't tell him i said this, but that's o.k. by me.
 being a former boy scout, I'm not sure
if he packed rations or not... i know I'd have had a sandwich or some cheetos along.

sunday night a big storm came through. i sat by the screen door and just
watched it and smelled the fresh air. all of a sudden the sun broke out and i
commented, "there is probably a rainbow" and then checked the windows in the
kitchen and there was a double rainbow! I haven't seen one of those for several years.

here's my first little nod to fall.
 blankets piled on a chest, ready to be used
by the fire. i'll bet when i am back up north in 2 or 3 weeks i'll be using one.

after another hot, humid minnesota day- 
that sounds wonderful to me.

xox, beth

p.s    THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all that stuff about the bear? not true!!!!!
went to bed late last night after working on this blog post
 in the living room-  and here i missed a phone call from lars
not even kidding-
i kind of can't believe it-


  1. Tell Dale Congrats on getting a bear! Stan said "Good for him!" I really
    enjoy your blog and pics! Keep it coming!

  2. Love this Beth! Happy fall! My favorite time of year!


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