Friday, September 12, 2014


cottage homes are probably my favorite. 
if they speak to your heart like they do mine, a 
walk around excelsior minnesota is a good place to go.

on a recent trip over there (three miles from my front door)
to scout out the best locations for a senior picture session,
i took some pictures to show you how absolutely charming this
small town is.

i'm going to number these darling homes and point out some of my favorite features and would
just love for you to tell me which one is your favorite.
(play along...pretend for a few minutes that they are giving one away
and you won! you get to pick which house you want to live in. it could even
be your vacation cottage- after all, excelsior is located right on lake
minnetonka and each of these homes is just an easy walk from the shore).

the field stone porch and the cobalt blue window boxes- love.

are ya kidding me? sunflowers as tall as your second
story windows? a little bistro table right outside your back door and
colorful buntings strung though the garden?
um hmmm- it made me swoon.


hands down it's the copper roof over the pretty front door and the white
picket fence that i'm in awe of here. oh and painting your mailbox a bright orange?

here it's all about the wrap around porch! and the wicker swing, (a great place to sip a glass of wine and read a new magazine) the flag and orange accents
on the porch pillars too.


this is a big beauty. check out the ceiling fan outside on the little front porch, the rockers,
the awnings and shutters...and the rock sculpture is really great. if you look closely 
you'll see they have window boxes too.

i love the morning glories on the arch way. and see their brick sidewalk? again white wicker
chairs out front and the screen door with gingerbread trim. (did you know it was called that?
if not you learned something today). the color of this cottage is so fun- i'd describe it as a "berry" and then the gold trim is unexpected and adds a pop of color.

this one is more neat and organized. i die over the three pendant lights
hanging outside and love the shakes on the porch. the black accents are
great and who doesn't love a big vase of sunflowers?

where to even start... the gardens were wild and gorgeous, the porch wrapped around
3 sides of the house and did you notice the chandelier hanging on the porch? i think this 
owner and i would be friends.

this one looks like it belongs on cape cod to me. anyone who puts a
window box on a second story window has my admiration and i love their big
rusty metal pots out front and the white porch railing.

this one made the cut for the color alone. and girlfriend loves
wooden garage doors. i have one of these pee gee hydrangea
bushes in my yard, but it's old and doesn't look this good anymore.  

these lucky homeowners look right out on lake minnetonka.
why wouldn't you practically move your living areas out to the front yard?


 there's a lot to love about this little house. it's crisp, clean lines, the rocks along
the front, the white porch and the turquoise front door makes me want to
run to the hardware store for paint. : )


another beautiful front walk way...paved. and if you're like me you can almost
picture the fireplace that must be inside the house based on that stone
wall on the porch. the little yellow stool is cute huh? and the skinny long windows flanking 
the front door~

 bright blue and butter yellow. how could you not cheer up if you were having a bad
day here? the matching swings on one porch speak to me and off to the left is
another great entry way. 

               whole yard is fenced in here- cute, cute, cute!

 well these peeps got smart and screened in their porch. i love how they stuck
big cobalt blue pots outside to match the screen door.


 this is a big proud beauty. i think it's painted in historical colors and check out the
2 windows on the right that make up the corner of the house...i've never seen 
any like that wrap around a corner. the metal star is great and the maple tree
that's turning made me smile.

this little kitty lives in one of the shops on main street. i stopped to take his picture
and he rubbed on my my legs for awhile.

what a fun afternoon i had bopping around town.

which house was your favorite? 
mine is probably 3,
or 12.

have you been out and about and noticed that the
leaves here in mn. are starting to change? i was out in the county
yesterday and i swear my heart swelled up with joy seeing the
farm fields ripening and almost ready for the harvest, it brings me
right back to my childhood on a farm. the chill in the
air signals my favorite season is upon us.

 i fell in love with you
a long time ago and the
love affair continues....

xo, b.


  1. I like 1 and 4. I love autumn too and have noticed the colors beginning to change in west central Minnesota.

  2. so fun to see which ones were your favorite! There are so many more enchanting homes in this small town- it's one of my guilt-free pleasures to walk or bike around town and just take it all in. : )

  3. My favs were #4, love the wrap around porch with swing, not sure what rest of house looks like. #7 LOVE the porch with lights and neat, crisp and clean look. How did your graduation picture shoot go yesterday? I thought of you. JILL

  4. #6....just looks "happy" front door got painted fuchsia immediately when I moved in and a motel chair to match! Gets lots of comments cause they match my favorite petunia....


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