Wednesday, September 10, 2014

mama's and their babies... is there anything sweeter on earth?
i don't think so.

 forget the fact that a few minutes earlier these "littles"
were most likely wrestling, hitting each other with swords or knee deep 
under the neighbor's car to retrieve a kitty.
i love how angelic and precious they can be~ in the blink
of an eye.

too darned cute for his own good. everyone is enchanted with this little boy.
he was rarely in anything but his undies all last weekend.
when you're 3~ you gotta be captain underpants!

this is the wild child. i like to say to him, "will will? or won't will?"
he reminds me a lot of my cousin stacy~ a former wild child.
who's now the respected sheriff of chippewa county.
you should see will weld his mighty sword.

isaac is sweet and sensitive and born to be on stage.
if you will provide an audience for him he will dance...
and act and act silly. he is after all but 9.

"josie cat" to me. this is my dula baby . i saw her first...before her mama even
laid eyes on this beautiful little thang. she's what we fondly call a buster.
don't mess with her folks. do not be deceived by this innocent little face.
tho she be little, she be mighty. 
she is 4 going on 10.

innocent until proven guilty.

i missed the opportunity to get a picture of viv with her mama. :  (
sweet baby girl is 1 and had no idea what all the hoopala with her
crazy cousins and all
the guns and swords was all about. 
she did know this: if all her cousins wanted them
then hey~ she'd hold a couple too if she got the chance.
isn't she precious?

i spent the weekend with friends in northfield mn. 
it's the cutest small town you've ever seen. i like it better than
stillwater even! every year they celebrate the defeat of
bank robber jesse james. we walked up town and ate (more than once)
and we shopped at the wonderful shops and the art fair that was going on along the river.
i did art fairs myself for 21 years so have a complete appreciation for how much work it is
to have a booth and keep smiling at the droves of people passing by- hoping and 
praying for nice weather and good sales.
we enjoyed the re-enactment of the shoot out- complete with live horses and a lot of
bang banging~ (and the free earplugs that were passed out before it started).

we even snuck in a quick trip to an apple orchard on sunday before i left town and
*i'm excited to tell you about a great new way to enjoy
 the taste of a caramel apple.
they were selling them of course but at the time i didn't think i had to have one
so i simply bought a yummy caramel.
when i got home later, i saw apples on the counter and ate one,
interspersing it with bites of that gooey delicious caramel.
& decided it was a great way to enjoy the taste without as much mess.
( you're welcome   :  )

i can't sign off without telling you that it's my grandboy's
15th birthday today.

this little boy has been such a marvelous part of our family 
and we love him to the moon and back.

seth duane scott- i hope you never change.
stay the kind, sweet person that you have always been and
may you have another 80 birthdays to celebrate here on this earth~

xo, beth

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