Sunday, September 21, 2014

double the fun

a week ago today i met up with these two brothers to take 
their senior pictures.

brothers are good, but when you have a twin 
i think it must be twice as good.

my mother was a twin -with a sister- fraternal like these two handsome lads.
 each time i was pregnant i secretly hoped i'd have twins.
 i've just always been kind of
fascinated by them.

i enjoyed watching the way these two interacted and as the shoot
went on, they got more comfortable and playful and some of
my favorite images are the ones where they were horsing around,
acting up and messing with each other.

the pictures below crack me up- i said nothing to them that
changed their behavior, i think i was just making a camera adjustment
and looked up and they were doing this.

and then this....

and it just kept on for a bit. i know if i were their parents, these would be some
of my favorite images.
: )

boys will be boys and all that     - right?

rob and pete, thanks for a fun afternoon.
 i wish you all kinds of good luck as you finish 
high school and figure out how to be grown ups
in a great big world.
p.s. i loved having your sweet mom and girlfriend there to help with everything
from running for eye drops and band aids, to teasing you to make you laugh.


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