Tuesday, September 30, 2014

faith, hope and love~

this is my friend joyce.
she just got a new name.
it's "mrs. joyce".

joyce and i have been in a book club together for
the past 15 years.
in those 15 years i've seen her happy, and sad.
then she shyly admitted being hopeful and now i see happy again.

i       l  o v  e     h a p p y.

earlier this month she got married.
i couldn't wait to meet her guy bob at the wedding.
to say that he clearly adores her is an understatement.
their pastor asks each couple he marries to privately 
write down 3 things they love about each other and he reads 
them during the service.
(this is such a beautiful idea- i think more
clergy should do it).

their letters to each other were tender and loving
and oh so beautiful. they made me cry.
these are two kind people who got a second chance 
at love. it's the best! 

joyce's two children walked her down the aisle.

bob had his turn first and here joyce was saying her vows and
putting his ring on him.

i particularly love the picture below because the whole time
these two had been dating, the girls in book club would check in with her
and ask her how it was going.... she would just smile and
say things like "oh fine, he's a good friend". 
being women, we'd press her for more but nope-
 she wasn't givin' us nothin! 
one night at b.c. we were talking about him and i blurted out
'has he kissed you?"  
everyone laughed and she blushed and i felt really bad
for being so insensitive and nosey. 

so it has been kind of a joke - the whole kissing dealio- and she
only recently admitted to all of us that were in love and getting married.
(and i put two and two together-i'm really good at math-
and figured out that they had indeed been kissing).

they went on a trip to israel with their church last summer and
pastor joel said he saw "it" happening there- 
they were falling in love.

*after the ceremony these 2 kindly picked up rose petals.
cute huh?

i love this picture of joyce with her good friend mary~

and this dear man is joyce's dad. he is one of the good guys- one of the few men i've
met in my life that i'd like to have had for my father.
it was he and his wife's 61st wedding anniversary on the day of
their daughter's wedding!

joyce, i wish you so much happiness with this man.
you deserve it.

*and bob,
  kiss her...     kiss her a lot okay?

xo, beth

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