Thursday, September 18, 2014

it's our daughter's birthday today.

here she is~ adria.
her nickname is petie.

as a mom who blogs, i just couldn't let the
day go by without showing off a few cute 
photos of her.

it's late and i'm kind of  tired so I grabbed a few from the
last few years that were already on this computer.

we were at her friend jessica's wedding in these two photos.
*her pop gets up early and goes to bed early.
he was waiting for us in the parking lot,
ready to head home. I love this picture of them.
: )

here she is with the nice boy who asked her to marry him.
she's a  * btb *    that's short for bride to be.
i know i'm her mom and all, but i think she's going to be a really beautiful bride.

she's our only daughter and she's 
a one in a million,
a wild child who's not afraid of much- she's
compassionate, hard working and
smart like her father. she's good at so
many things and she's got a wicked, big laugh.
we love her.

a whoooole lot

happy birthday petie!

xox, your mom (and dad too)

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