Wednesday, July 30, 2014

for anyone checking my blog for updates on 
here's a few more teasers....

(it's only 16 days away now)

 this is a cool tray that also doubles as a chalk board....
you could use it on your buffet or serving table and write the menu on it,
or just use it as a tray (and it's reversible with a cute flip side)

 how cute is this for a little girl's room?

"love U"

 i picked up this chair and i loved the color and the bones of it,
but the seat cover?
it was that old scratchy fabric our grandma's used to have on stuff.

so i got busy and recovered it and now i think it's beautiful and would be so pretty
sitting in the corner of a bedroom or by a desk maybe?

there will be a ton of raspberry jam for sale.
it was a banner year for my raspberry patch.

...and might i suggest you try it on your pancakes? delish

this beautiful -slightly worn set- will be for sale

*there is sooo much more where this came from,
keep tuning in for more teasers~
can't wait for you to see it all!

and~  i've been putting lots of miracle grow on my window box so
 it'd be extra pretty this summer and wowser,
you may want to come just to
see it.
:  )


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