Monday, July 14, 2014

i think every mom waits for this day~

and the day was here~

adria, her friend anita and i went wedding dress shopping last saturday.
it was hot and sticky outside- but nice and cool in the boutiques we
went to. (well nita and i were cool- the BTB got hot trying on all those
yards and yards of satin and lace- haha)
adria tried on a whole bunch of dresses and i surprised myself by
not crying off my waterproof mascara! i got teary eyed right away when
she started looking thru the racks and deciding which ones to try on first-
but then i was o.k. and it was fun- just pure and simple fun.

i've thought about this day since she was a little girl playing "dress up bride".

we started out at flutter. 
the fun bridal consultant ruthie, looked so much like
christina from the show parenthood, that i just
pretended that she was.
*she told us she gets this a lot.

this shop lets you take photos and drink mimosas.
: )

anita and i had fun gabbing while adria would be in changing into the 
next creation.
i may be a bit biased, but my girl looked so beautiful that I could hardly WAIT to see
her come out in each one.

no sillies- this is not the fact she didn't make any decisions that
day- other than that she wants to look a little bit more.

now it was off to lunch and then we went to 
heartstrings bridal.

this joint had more rules and we had to take our shoes off. there were no beverages 
allowed...not even water, (but you-know-who snuck a couple sips from the 
bottle of water in her purse) and they don't allow photos.
their loss...haha

see? i'm advertising for them anyway- but i was sad that
i couldn't snap a photo of my daughter in the dress
that was her favorite of the day.

i think adria has a better idea now of what she likes and what to look for,
so we get to have this fun again!

with just one daughter to help plan a wedding with,
i'll go however many times she wants to~

xo, beth

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