Friday, July 11, 2014

  eric had a birthday on wednesday.

here he is -  one day old

and again at 5 weeks~ (love that little face!)

he's an unbelievable 34 now and that sweet little face is
so tan he doesn't even look caucasian, and it's
no longer soft to the touch~ but it's so dear to me just the same.
there's a few scars and reminders that tell the story of his life,
and it's a good story.

his "fazahh" has made many birthday cake for me and i think he
made adria one once, but he'd never made eric one before.
eric and dale shoot trap (that's shooting clay pigeons- which are not real birds if you 
don't know what trap shooting is) together on wednesdays, and lars got the
fun idea to make him a cake, in the shape of a bullet, and bring it along
for the team on wednesday.

lars thought carefully about the plan and went to byerly's with his list.
he made a white cake and then inverted it out on a cookie sheet.
next he cut hersey bars and lined them up at one end.
he asked me to make this caramel frosting that is a family
favorite and that was spread on part of the "bullet".
*now the real hilarious part comes in. he wanted there to
be what would simulate bb's inside the bullet so he spread 
m and m's on 3/4 of it and then slathered on layers of red frosting over 
them. it was an excessive, sugary concoction of monstrous 
proportions.  a group of 9 year old boys would have
gone completely nuts over it.
the group of 6 men, ages 26- 59 were pretty excited about it
too i guess.  

:  )

isn't it just the best?
i think he was pretty happy with his results and i thought it was 
really adorable.

*i did take a photo of eric with it, but it hasn't been uploaded yet.


oh and p.s.  today's my brother's birthday --- wishing him a
wonderful day.
(what does p.s. stand for anywhoo)?

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  1. Post script. Jill See you tonight.


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