Wednesday, July 2, 2014

red white and blue~

this is kelsey.

oh my goodness she was fun to photograph.
i've watched her grow up in our neighborhood and
many times have thought to myself how beautiful she is.

she's feminine, yet drives a bad-ass old chevy pickup truck
and something tells me she's not afraid to get dirty.

she needed very little direction when we were doing this shoot-
she's just a natural in front of the camera- kind of shy with a great smile, yet i just knew
she was going to blow me away if i could
capture her wistful look.

thanks kels for being so easy and so natural, 
the camera loved you and capturing you 
looking this lovely required just a click of my shutter.

this is my red (her fabulous hair!)
white (her clothes)
and blue (her jeans and chevy truck)

salute to the 4th of July for you!!!

Have fun celebrating~ and
remember, it's all fun and games until someone looses
an eye lighting off fireworks.
be careful.
: )

xo, beth

*oh and p.s. i had an idea in the shower this morning that 
might be one of my best yet~

how about i open a salon where women can go to get their legs shaved?
do you hate that chore as much as i do? so tedious, so never ending,
so....well just so dreadful. to heck with getting my nails polished- i'll do that myself.
and the same with spray tans- yada yada. i'll use that lotion that tans me if i need
a little color.

there are barber shops for men where they can go to get a shave~
wouldn't it be the best if there was this service?

if i build it will you come?
(i don't plan to work there, but i will be a customer).


  1. Beautiful girl! You done a fantastic job with the photographs! Love you.

  2. thanks Phil! She was sooo much fun to photograph~


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