Wednesday, July 23, 2014

todd and troy

these are my little brothers~
when they were little.
aren't they just so darling?
i just want to kiss their little fat cheeks.
i love their little legs too, and just scroll back up and
notice how precious their hands are. 
the buzz cuts, the baby teeth, the little matching
plaid short outfits...almost too much to handle.

our momma was very sick when these two boys were little,
so sister dawn and i were in charge a lot of days.
we loved them well and did our best to help mom take care of them 
(as well as two girls who were 5 and 6 could.)
then our dad left us and our momma died and it was the saddest thing
to ever happen in my life. noone could take all 4 of us, so
our mom's mom and dad decided that they would raise dawn and i
and these precious little boys were adopted by our mom's cousin and her
wonderful new husband. dawn and i missed them something fierce.

we all grew up of course and 
the boys aren't this little anymore, in fact the baby of our family~
that would be troy (troy boy to me) will be 50 this week.
troy is kind of starting over in life right now.
 would you take a minute to say a prayer for him
 and wish him a wonderful, healthy second half of life?

troy, i love you and am proud of you and like
i told you on the phone one night,
"hopefully you've got many more trips around the sun and
 i'm so glad you found the courage and faith to begin again".

happy birthday,
xo, your sister

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