Sunday, July 20, 2014

i promised to show you some of the projects i've been working on for
the sale... 
here are two.
the first one is a beautiful old stool...although i liked it a lot just the
way it was, i decided i could make it even cooler by leaving the legs as is and
giving the top a funky new look.

done! i love the #3. to me it represents my 3 kiddos, but families with
one child add up to 3 too, or maybe you have another reason for liking
good old #3?

now there is this table. i didn't like it at all when i bought it like this-it was
in rough shape, but i totally could see the potential. 
(notice koda behind it- watching me work)

here i've got the first coat of annie sloan old white on it

after which i rubbed on a cool green and a little bit of duck egg blue around the top edge
 and then started sanding it to give it a bit more character.

keep the home fires burning (or the AC on) while i take a break now from
all the getting ready i've been doing to go see my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

             giddy up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*girls road trip starts in the morning~No Dak, here we come!

xo, beth

p.s. i'll be documenting life in an oil camp while i'm gone.   for reals.
"a journey awakens the soul"

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