Tuesday, July 15, 2014

cottage home sale

*i'm excited to announce a sale at my home*
one month from today~

AUGUST 15th and 16th

this sale has been my spring/summer project.
it's been the project i've been excited to share with y'all.

truth be told, it's pretty much taken over my life...
(in a good way).

there's been a load of junking, shopping, digging and
screeching to a stop when i see garage sale signs.
my friend christa and i have
sewed and framed and made jewlery. we've also
gleened the best, coolest stuff from
alexandria to northfield and we've cleaned it,
painted it, arranged it and admired it. we've weighed the
pros and cons of keeping it all-v.s. sharing it
with YOU at our sale.
we've decided to share.
: )

i hope you'll put it on your calendar- it's going to be really awesome-
:  )

I will be posting photos here from time to time to
show you some of the great merchandise and 
peak your curiosity~

well- there now you know what i'll be doing for the next month straight~
 continuing to get ready for the sale!
oh yeah but guess what?
 first i'm going on a road trip to NORTH DAKOTA.
williston ND to be exact.

why? you ask~
well my seester and her hubby have been there for the past year
living and working in the oil fields.
two of my cousins and i are going to make the
1300 mile drive to see their new way of life, 
 bring her bed prizes, eat yummy food she's cooking us
and see some country we've never seen before.
can't wait to give her a hug!

Giddy Up!

xo, beth

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