Tuesday, July 8, 2014

celebrating the 4th~

i love holiday weekends, don't you?

we had some company at the lodge (my brother and his wife and their
daughter-her hubbie and 8 mo. old baby) and two of our three kiddos were there 
to sit and b.s., swat sqeets, eat meal after yummy meal, watch bonfires, bottle rockets and 
the new baby in our family. 
by the time everyone was there, the dog count was up to 4. one more
black lab joined the pack (and there were actually 2 more family pups that
didn't make the cut and get to come). 
4 was plenty- but i will say that after the first night of wildness and out of control
 jumping, biting and horseplay they settled down and were
really well behaved for the remaining 3 days!
"good dogs"!

eric told ashley that babies are always scared of him but she said "i'll bet barrett won't be",
and lookie here~ he couldn't have cared less who held him~ he and eric bonded and shared some
quality time getting to know each other.

this little dude is chill.... momma makes a bottle and gives it to him
and he feeds himself.

bear and his daddy matt are so stinking cute together...matt could hardly pass 
through a room where his son was without stopping to snuzzle in his little neck a bit.

sat. afternoon was hot. we all sat outside and the babe was just plain sweaty.
he's cutting his first teeth and he was so good, but after a thousand pictures and trying hats on him etc....someone (me) had the brilliant
idea to get my old enamel tub and plunk him in some water and he LOVED it.

we -of course- pushed him to the limits of what a guy should have to take... haha
(sorry bear). :  )

his rolls and squishy goodness delighted us all..... love me a healthy, happy baby.

ninja baby!

grampa todd and his little cub

"auntie" adria asked if she could wake him up from his nap on sunday to say goodbye.

three generations. g'ma mary on left and momma ashley on the right

these two have birthdays two days apart so we had a party for them on sat.
we have a pic on the bulletin board of todd holding eric when he was about
2 months old, so one of them suggested we take a new version.
being uncle todd weighs considerably less, he got to be the one who 
was held.  these two love to be together. two peas in a pod.

mary brought the fresh eggs -some blue- that she usually shares.
i have a hard time cooking them cause they're just too pretty.

T. and M. drove up and camped in their new camper.
i started out calling todd cousin eddie (from christmas vacation) but
he quickly put the k-bosh on that and said i could call him clark griswold,
but not eddie...so here they are as they prepared to drive off into the sunset,
clark and ellen.
 loved their new wheels!

well~that's a wrap. some of the highlights of the weekend's fun.
i tell you, having a baby to entertain us was the best!
poor lad had my camera in front of his cute little face pretty much
the whole time- but heeeeeeey- it was worth it wasn't it?
what a little sweetheart!

how was your weekend folks?

xox, b


  1. Love, love, love all your pictures. You make such wonderful memories at the lodge. I am jealous. I did go to Lisa's for the 4th, and go a chance to visit The Shop at Dunvilla! Fun. Love, Jill

  2. Again, again, again little bear is just to adorable!!! Who could resist all those little roles of chubbiness! So glad you had your camera handy, haha! The moustache pic is adorable even though he had reached his limit! I need to know the next time they are in town, in fact let's just invite them down so I can hug that bundle of love!!


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