Thursday, June 26, 2014

here's a little peek at our last weekend up north~

when we arrived it was raining cats and dogs (why do we say that?)...
but we threw open the big garage door anyway and watched it.
have i mentioned yet this week how much i love that screen panel 
lars built? i tell him that all the time.

 as we were leaving our yard in the cities, i noticed the first of my peonies were
blooming and i asked if we could stop for just a minute while i picked
a couple to take along~so glad i did as they brought me so much joy
all weekend in the kitchen window.

these little beauties were there waiting for me though and i was
excited! the yellow button flowers are new- from my aunt dar and i've
never had them before. aren't they sweet? they remind me of baby ranunculous.
we have these, huge bleeding heart plants at the cabin, but i haven't been there
for over a month and i almost missed them blooming- these were the very last few blossoms on the plants.

 pretty wild columbine grows in our woods

i nabbed this original oil painting ($5) at a yard sale and man do i love it~ i walked
around the cabin trying it here and there, before finally deciding this was the perfect spot for it 
since there are other red things on this kitchen shelf.

i was the last one to go to bed both nights, and i loved the peaceful quiet. there is a small
pond right outside the kitchen door and it's full of frogs. they serenaded me loudly while i had
a cup of chamomile tea and read midwest living magazine.

 i picked and froze some rhubarb and while cutting off the leaves i had this goofy idea
to make a hat for seth. he was about to go out and start mowing our big
lawn and i brought the rhubarb bonnet in (see the string tied under his chin)  and told him i didn't want his head to get sunburned. he's such a good sport  :  )   - he let me put it on him for a couple pictures...
*it's a genius idea don't you agree?

there's a magnetic pull from any body of water-no matter how small- to a dog and his boy.
the dogs were in here and wet about every 10 minutes.
duke loves to retrieve and would go after a ball -allll day long if you'd throw one.

mother nature was really showing off sat. afternoon and the combination of these extra-white clouds against the blue,blue sky was stunning.

after weeding the garden for hours..... i rested and made some tags.

there was such thick fog in the mornings it was like a rain 
forest outside... (and the mosquitos practically knocked on the 
door and asked to come in they were so eager to
greet us....   ugh~gross).

and then before i left sunday i did a little decorating for the
4th of july. it's weird to have it fall on a friday this year- like a celebration
followed by a weekend-a WIN WIN situation!

have weekend plans?

stay cool- cause you know i think you are right?
cool that is.


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