Thursday, June 19, 2014

pillow talk~

i found these pillows on etsy.

i saved the pictures and now do you think i can find the site back?

it's makin me sad because i am in love with just about all of the
dozens and dozens of styles.

so whimsical.

they are linen.
*and not even that spendy!

adria and chris have set a wedding date (may 2015).
 it's at a perfect venue that suits them to a T.

it'll be an outdoor, sportsman/woman, hunter- huntress themed day and now
she and i can start planning like ca-razy women!

the guests will most likely see at least one set of antlers.

:  )

next week i'll be ready to show you some of the wedding fun from last
weekend. i'm heading north now to weed the garden i planted a month ago and
haven't seen since. i hope i can find the plants though the weeds!

if there's anything more wonderful than one garden, 
it's one here and one there- different growing conditions, 
different things growing. i am so lucky!

xo, beth

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