Friday, May 10, 2013

me plus three


                                                   i have this photo in a frame in the bedroom. it's one of my 
                                                                      favorites from a few years ago.
                                                                               thanks to these three amazing kids
                                                                  i am a mother. there's just nothing in the world
                                                            i wanted more or would rather be- than their mother.

                                                                                            i love you so much
                                                                                                   and cole


                                                           i'm hoping all of you who are mothers have a special
                                                                 weekend - and if you aren't a mother - i know
                                                                  without a doubt that you have blessed a child's life
                                                              in some way, at some time, and made a difference in
                                                                     their lives- thank you for that. you matter too.

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  1. LOVE! hope you had a great day showered with love!!


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