Tuesday, May 28, 2013

feeling blessed

a couple weeks ago one of my favorite blogs *  meandjilly.blogspot.com * had a fun giveaway. i don't know if I've ever won anything- ever. EVER. ever. they gave away something delightful every day for a week- and i shamelessly commented on every day's post. i love these girls- jilly and mia, -best friends who write this blog. you HAVE to check it out.  the blog is called girls with good taste. they are mothers from arizona and i wish they both lived on my block. surely, even though i'm muuuuch older (and not nearly as cool) if they did,  I think we'd be great friends.
   the bottom line here is:

you've most likely guessed that if i hadn't
won i wouldn't be writing this post---right?
(man you guys are smarties!)
look at what was waiting on my porch one day after work last week!!!
i was so excited that i ran in with it and started to tear it open and then
had to stop, get my camera and place it back on the
porch for a photo! hahaha
how cute is their packaging?
these chicks have good taste,
big hearts~
and great give aways.
here's what was in the pretty package
a wonderful framed quote (by mother teresa)
and a book i am excited to read. it's a memoir
written by jennifer nielson.
thank you mia and jilly for the fun surprise...
it felt like my birthday all over again!
 i love you girls!!!
xo, beth



  1. Hi Beth:
    Rest assured that we WOULD be the best of friends if we lived on your block. So happy you got your package and hope you love the book. Thanks for showering us with praise and love!
    jilly and mia


  2. : ) hugs to you and jilly!


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