Wednesday, May 8, 2013

                                                          here's a little peek at my busy, happy week~

                                              the birthday celebrating just went on and on....friends and
                                                    family surrounded me and treated me and it was almost
                                                 embarrassing- the amount of love that has come my way for
                                              the past 5 days. (i'm not complaining- or bragging- just feeling
                                                 so unbelievably thankful and undeserving of it all).

                                                     this cute little sign was sent to me by an old friend

                                                 my hubbie always makes me a birthday cake- (love him)
                                                    real whipped cream and raspberries were to follow.

                                                         after a really fun dinner out on my birthday,
                                              i begged and yimmeled for my family to gather together for
                                                   a group photo- my daughter adria's cute boyfriend was
                                                willing to shoot the shot- well folks- here's what we got.
                                                   the 3 subjects on the left and the dog- GREAT. the 3
                                                       on the right? ummm, yeah- nooo. much to the children's
                                                                     chagrin- this will not be our Christmas card
                                                          photo. seriously. we were too full from dinner out- the
                                                             sun was in our eyes. we blinked, we
                                                               winked - and this was the best of them all. hahaha

                                                                         I put this cheap, old happy birthday sign up
                                                                           for everyone's birthday- year after year- it's

                                         my friend leslie was here from out of town and she, daughter
                                                      maggie and grandgirl josie and i met on sat.
                                               evening where they made me feel like a QUEEN for a day

                                     now, as if I hadn't been celebrated enough already~~~~ these
                                             darling friends, who are part of a dinner club, surprised me
                                      last night with cake and goodies too! (love these women so much).

                                            my cup runneth over and now- i think that's enough about me for
                                              a long, long time. i hope i can shower a whole bunch of people
                                               i love with the goodness that came my way this week and
                                                       make sure they feel even half as loved as they've all
                                                                                  made me feel !!! 

                                                                             oh WAIT!!!!
                                   * altho i have no photo proof- dear friends took lars and i out to dinner
                                        for our birthdays and then my coworkers did too-thanks ALL
                                                                     of you for heaping on the love!!!!

                                                                                      .I AM BLESSED.

                                                                            do you have any fun weekend plans?
                                                                       do you think we dare plant flowers yet? the
                                                                      temporary greenhouses are popping up around
                                                                          the area and they sure look enticing~

                                                                                                 xo, beth

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