Sunday, May 19, 2013

and so it begins


                                                                      the spring has come-it has finally, finally come.

                                                                           in the last few days I've planted seeds and
                                                                           transplanted hopeful little plants, added
                                                                             water to my fountains and pulled up weeds.

                                                                           i lugged home 480 lbs. of black dirt for my
                                                                         flower bed and today my grandboy and i
                                                                     started a project I've known needed to be done
                                                                                                          for quite a while.

                 here's the beginning of the project. these flagstone rocks make a pathway
from our patio through my arbor. over the last few years they've almost
disappeared! they kind of just sank down and the grass grew up and over them
and I've noticed that each one now looked like it was about a 12 inch piece-when
in reality they are each big and beautiful and that means they needed to be dug out
and raised up by putting more dirt under them and trimming the grass that had
         grown up over all the edges.

                                                   here my trusty helper boy and i get started....

                                    * just have to add that he loves when i take his picture so he offered
                                                  to go get the camera and then after i took a couple of him
                                                          "digging in" he snapped a couple of me. good thing
                                                                         he was on this side of my body right?
remember a few years ago when those hideous garden cutouts appeared in
yards across america of women bent over? their ample back ends were all you saw.
if you're reading this and you have one- run-don't walk- to your garden and get that
bad boy outta there- really people- we can do better than that can't we? i have a
sense of humor i promise- but those? not funny. just plain lame-sauce. :  )
we were diligently working away when the skies just opened up and rain
 poured down, chasing us inside so i'll show you a shot after i finish getting
the last of the flagstones dug up and replaced-hopefully tomorrow.
did i tell you about careening to the side of the road on my way to work to
rescue this old, crusty wicker rocker? well i have it on the deck now
and it maybe doesn't have a whole lotta life left in it -but for
whatever time it does have it's making me happy.
*my entire family thought i was nuts and they refuse to see
the potential here. even my daughter! do you see it?
the beauty? the character?
can i get a big "amen"?
if you come over i will let you sit in it.
(maybe wear long sleeves though, the paint is kind of crackly and hurts
your bare skin). : )
the pink table next to it came from a house demolition that my
son was part of. prince owned the house.
yes you read that right.
he's practically my neighbor.
bet if he came to visit he'd like to sit in my
crusty rocker.
especially if i painted it purple.
~i can't believe it's memorial week already- boy did that ever
sneak up on me. we helped cousin nancy celebrate her 50th birthday
on Saturday night and had fun catching up with a bunch of my family,
& our youngest has a job interview
4 hours away today- i'll be thinking of him all day, praying and trusting that
the good Lord is directing his future.
rain, rain go away- come again some other day~
soooo over the rain for now...
i'd like to get out in the yard and plant roses!
viva la Monday!!!
xo, beth

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  1. I'm with you, I would have picked up that wicker rocker too! It looks so pretty with the little table on your deck.


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