Friday, May 3, 2013

friday, may 3rd

let's will it into being!
shut your eyes- (no really--shut your eyes real tight)
and let's all say a prayer for 78 degree days and
balmy pleasant nights.

                                                      let's promise to wear sunscreen and
                                  sassy sunglasses~

                                                         let's meet in the aisles of the garden
                             centers and fill our carts to
                          overflowing with 6 packs of annuals~ then
                         let's get on our knees and dig in the dirt.

                                                 let's look forward to blooming trees &
                          petals that will blanket the ground~

let's find the person who made these sugar cookies
and pay her a million dollars to make us just one
plate full like this.
(have you ever seen anything so cute in your life?)

                              let's hide all the boots and dig out our flip flops.
                            polish our toenails...
                             shave our legs even.
                          buy some margarita mix.
                           wash a window or two-
                      (even if it's just the ones you
                               look out most).
                             i found these little squill blooming in
                                             my garden today.
                                        oh spring~ i love you so.




                                   fridays- you aren't bad either!

                                              xo, beth

                                oh wait, one more thing before i go.
                              look what else is popping up outta the
                                      ground on corners all across
                                     the metro. :) mama likey

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