Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a whole bunch of great stuff...

                      i truly believe this....being a hungry reader myself i always read to my
                          kids. whether we were at home tucked in our beds or in the middle
                     of a state park in sleeping bags, in a tent with a flashlight-we ended
                                                      our days with a stack of books.



                                         i love everything about this poster and this wall of
                                                         art for a child's room~

                                                       pink lemonade and saltwater taffy!

                                          as the school year wraps up- let's celebrate the wonderful
                                                 teachers that have devoted their lives to our children.
                                          if you have littles, pretty soon they are going to be yours again~
                                                                               all day- every day-

                                                and if that alone doesn't make you aware of how awesomely
                                           awesome teachers are- then nothing will!  :  )  isn't the simple gift
                                                  in the photo above great? again, thank you trader joes for
                                                          all the wonderful products you carry that make our
                                                                               lives more fun! (while you're there
                                                                     pick me up some ranunculus will you? thanks!)

                                                                                  have a simply lovely day, 

                                                                                               xo, beth                   

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  1. yes to teacher appreciation! love the book bookmark.


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