Thursday, May 23, 2013

 just giving a little shout out to the sun today~

                                                              it's the last day of work for me before a long
                                                                         holiday weekend and i'm so excited to
                                                                    be heading up north! we are going to finish
                                                           planting the garden and sit back in lawn chairs and
                                                                  catch up with family and my big sweetie is going
                                                               to smoke a turkey and make us all some bbq'd
                                                                        ribs. i'm going to make smashed potatoes to
                                                                     go with them and I think we just might end with a
                                                               big bowl of fresh strawberries and cream.  while
                                                                  we're on the subject of strawberries, we decided
                                                                to start a little patch of them at the lodge- in a raised
                                                                             bed the old owners had made. it will be
                                                                           so great if the critters leave them alone and
                                                                        we can pick our own fresh ones while we're
                                                                   there instead of having to buy them in the city and
                                                                    bring them up. there are raspberries everywhere
                                                                          on our land- but no strawberries...... yet.    : D

                                                                                                              xo, beth

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  1. i love fresh things. best part about summer ...tomatoes taste good lol. the strawberries are oh so good where i am currently :)

    hope you have a great weekend ... your plans sound lovely!


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