Monday, February 3, 2014

Things have been a little boring around
here the past week or two.
January got loooooog for most
of us Minnesotans.
Even the most hardy of us who claim
to like winter are admitting to defeat.
Waving the white flag-
praying for an early spring-
dreaming of sun and green grass.
I bought the first few packets of flower
seeds at the hardware store today!
to keep myself happy before all that
goodness comes around, I've planted grass
in this old retro vase.

walked into the kitchen on Sunday right as the hubs
was giving him a Mohawk- I screamed NOOOOOOOO...
(it was kind of funny!) 
and enjoyed watching paper whites and an amaryllis bloom~


I've been working on a few projects too.
The pillow below is made out of an upcycled men's plaid vest
on one side and a cool, old wool sweater on the other.

and last but not least, girlfriend has been at it in her studio...
I haven't said this out loud yet, but since it's now February
I guess it's time.
As of the end of the month, my job at Annie Marie Photography
~that I've had for 5 1/2 years, is coming to an end.
sigh. very long sigh...
~oh how I've loved this job. It was a perfect fit for me in every way.'s not all about me and Annie is getting married in May
and has decided to close her studio and take her photography
business in a new direction! She will shoot only with
natural light now- (like me!) and mostly on location, hanging with clients
in their homes and area parks etc.
I couldn't be happier for her, but that means 
 that I will be needing to redefine myself again too.
(and I didn't want to have to do this again...ha!)
Please spread the word that I plan to
do more photography for other people- which I dearly love and I am also
working on thawing out my creative juices and getting
back in my studio space to create things to sell.

starting to do some altered art on canvas

                                                 this little piece will go in a frame.

Tonight I'm looking forward to a painting class taught by a
very talented local artist, Suzanne Theisfield.
It's modeled after the Wine and Canvas classes being
taught all over.
Wine while I paint? Sure.
I'll most likely share some photos of that too....
:  )

We survived and conquered January, 
have a happy week my dears!

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