Saturday, February 22, 2014

i'm at it again, so if you're tired of
my winter pictures....then you'll want to
go find something else to look at~

: )

today it's all about the little critters
that feed on our deck.
we have entertainment right outside our window all day long
both here and up north at the lodge.

how blessed are we?

duke sits inside at the patio door much of the day-his body frozen....watching the
rabbits, squirrels and birds on the deck~most likely dreaming up
daring chases he'd do, if someone with opposable thumbs would  just. open. the. door.

we're leaving in a few minutes to celebrate Christmas with my family in 
atwater. it's long overdue and i cannot wait to see my three little
great nieces and nephew.

my camera is packed. KIDS PHOTOS COMING!!!!


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