Monday, February 24, 2014

these are my nieces...
aren't they cute?

we had a family gathering on sunday. 
we got to see our newest addition and we celebrated jessie's birthday. 
(it's not till march- but we won't all be together then).

this girl......what can i say? she's nothing if not
 goofy. she makes a lot of silly noises, she likes to scare people.
she giggles a lot and meows like a cat instead of answering you.
she works in a group home with special needs adults.
she loves her clients and i've heard they love her.
the world is a better place because of people like jessie.
her silly-sally personality is perfect for this job. i could not do what she does.

ashley and jess are the same age and they've grown up together...making messes
that drove their mothers crazy and bonding. silly silly funsters. 

this is isie...she's 7 and she's just precious

we spent the day at matt and ashley's.
they are new parents.
(matt loves to hug and kiss his girl)

as a result of all that hugging and kissing they
produced this incredible little boy.
i showed you photos of him when he was a week old- 
look at him now!!!

my brother's first grandchild. barrett

barrett was born with the most luxurious head of hair---and it just keeps growing.
it's about 3 inches down his neck! who ever heard of a 14 week old
who could have a haircut. 
(not that they're planning on one anytime soon~ it's adorable)

Bear looks so much like his daddy, but we see his momma in him too.
his eyes are so dark, they look black.

it was just as fun to watch someone else hold him as it was to hold him...
when someone else held him, i could talk to him and see him really well.
he's just super good natured and smiley- even though
he'd been in the ER this week with RSV.
poor baby.

those cheeks~his eyelashes....dreamy

it was a wonderful day. 

the roads were horrible and it took us an extra hour to make the 2 hour trip
but it was worth it. i would have practically found myself a husky to 
pull me in a sled i was so excited to see the fam.


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