Friday, February 14, 2014

oh the cards~


so I'm having a beast of a time uploading
photos on my blog this week- thus the dry spell...

but here's a little story for you on
Valentines Day.

When my hubbie and I exchanged our
cards and gifts tonight,
I couldn't hide a little chuckle over my card.

It had a velvety cover.
It was funny and sweet and kind of retro-
(like old fashioned maybe?)

Well he chuckled too and said
"you like the velvet?"

I  smiled and said, "well, you've given me about a million
cards in the years you have been my boyfriend,
but I think this is a first for the velvet!

He said he stood at the Hallmark rack and looked at the
cards and felt like he had literally already given me
most of the cards that were there.

How funny is that?

I just laughed and said- probably not- but he insisted he would pick one
up and look at it and think "I've given her that one before"...etc.

Although this doesn't seem possible let me tell you about
my husband and cards.

We started dating when he was 16 and I was 14.
Whenever there was an occasion when Lars wanted to buy me a card
he didn't give my one, he always gave me THREE.

I'm not kidding.
He just couldn't decide on his favorite apparently, so there
would be a funny one, a romantic one and a
(had to be hidden from all parents and future children)
a sexy one.    : )

So in doing the math tonight, I decided he may have been telling the
truth- cause just think about this:

I am 55. He's been buying me cards since I was about 14.
That's a whole lot of Valentines Days, Christmas's, birthdays,
anniversaries, mother's days, random love attacks....

Maybe he really is running out of options,
Hallmark, are you reading this?

Happy Valentines Day Lovies,
I hope  each and every one of you felt loved and
appreciated today.
Even more than that though~
I hope that you know you are
loved every SINGLE day,


p.s. thanks for all the beautiful cards honey,
there's nothing better than a romantic man!

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