Wednesday, February 19, 2014

i don't really like to cook- but
i do like to bake.
i think it's the creative side of me.
when i was lots younger, (but a mom)
i took a wilton cake decorating class.
it was several weeks long and resulted
in me producing some cakes i was
pretty darn proud of.
i learned how to make those
frosting roses i'd always admired.

exactly 25 years later my
daughter took a similar class.
wilton. cakes. decorating tips and food dyes.
there's just something so rewarding about
creating food so beautiful that you don't
even want to eat it!

umm, no i did not make this cupcake- maybe i will
attempt it though in a couple weeks when i am


friend/boss (boss for 10 more days, then just friend) annie is getting
married in may. when i heard that a florist quoted her
app. $4000 for her flowers i said i would
do them for her... she's having a big wedding and together
we're going to make over 30 of these for the tables.
this was a trial run. she loves garden roses, hydrangeas,
dusty miller, ranunculus...girl after my own heart.
i'm also doing the reception flowers for a cousin in june-
maybe this will be my next career? 
it's how i started out afterall...
hmmm, photography? floral design? handmade art?
help me out girls and boys...
i'd like to be self employed again- (i'll never have
another boss/job that can compare to what i've had with 
annie marie photography).

maybe i'll do all three.
maybe i'll get ordained too and offer
full service weddings. 

cool wedding photo.
guess not a lot of us have
access to an airplane just for
photos though right?

well, that was just some random wednesday thoughts.
just so thrilled to be able to upload photos again that
i am posting midweek.

my book club is coming to my casa tonight,
i'm off to vacuum the floor.

xo, b.

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