Monday, February 17, 2014

hello friends, i'm back.

i have been beyond frustrated with my blog host and site.
for almost 3 weeks i have been unable to post a photo, and
if you know me, and you read my blog, you know that
there are ALWAYS photos.

i'll bet i have spent 2-3 hours trying different things every day
 and well, praise Jesus~ it appears tonight it's
all systems go!!!!
(i'm going to say a prayer that tomorrow will be the same) 

so here's a little catch up fun.
weekend before last i hosted 3 friends for the weekend.
we had an itinerary of places we wanted to shop on 

maggie brought 4 year old josie because she was sure her
hubby who plows snow, was going to need to work.
turns out he didn't- but josie~cat got to be part of the weekend too.

we hit up two of our favorite occasional shops
mama's happy in independance mn.
and shop 501 in chaska mn.
and threw in a couple thrift shops and tues. mornings to round out our day.
grama leslie and maggie tag teamed back at my house
in the afternoon so that jos could get her nap in, 
and then we had a fun dinner out.
(it was almost a crisis "situation" though, when josie
ordered spaghetti and thought she'd be getting the usual
long spaghetti. when the waiter brought it and it was 
rotini noodles- the look on her face and her huff of
indignation was so immediate and alarming, the waiter,
with a look of sheer panick~ quickly said "should i go
start some fettucini noodles??????????"
*girlfriend rallied and sucked it up and ate the dissapointing
short, fat noodles like the trooper she can be though!  haha

crisis averted.

here was my table, ready for the girls. the fun bouquet is a trial run for
my friend annie's wedding in may. (i have to make 32 of these babies).

it was valentines week- so the conversation hearts came out...

love these shirts for sale at mama's happy.
if they were selling ones that said 
the same is true for dad- i woulda bought one. : )

i took this picture especially for my girl adria

there is a play area for kids there and josie was a happy little girl. turns out her mama 
doesn't love this shop as much as the rest of us, so she was bored and played in the loft
with her girlie while the rest of us ooh'd and ahh'd and found treasures.

maggie had to get jos in and out the back of the jeep about 8 dozen
times that day. so glad i had my kids about 30 years ago so i didn't
have to do that. it got old and my usually happy friend got grumpy.
(she said i could say that....)
right marge? LOVE YOU

at lunch, every single one of us got heart shaped pickles! for valentines day- so great.
here's christa mugging with one of hers.

by bedtime we were exhausted. we always get up early, run all day and stay up
too late when we're together. it's like girls camp- gotta soak up every minute
of being together. leslie brought me a stack of magazines so tall they should
keep me entertained till summer!

yummy fruit for our sunday brunch

* and josie signing off with some love for y'all *

soooo good to be blogging tonight- i've missed it!
the olympics are on in the background, we got 6.5 inches of
beautiful new snow here
today and  i'm feeling like i may be over the
worst of being sick for the last 6 days.
wooooooo   hooooooooo!

xo, beth

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