Friday, January 31, 2014

it's Fallon and it's funny~

Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battle
 if the video doesn't load, just wait a will
and click on the lower right hand corner to enlarge.
o.k. I know a bunch of you are looking
at my blog from work, even though you are
NOT SUPPOSED to do that kind of stuff while
you are on the payroll...
here's a little advice,
come back again tonight, when you're curled up on the
couch and you can crank the volume.
this is going to take a few minutes to watch,
and it is worth it if you like to laugh
(and who doesn't?)
it's so darned funny and clever
and, well I just LOVE IT!
have a fun weekend- and find
some way to laugh- it lengthens your life~
or at least it feels like it does.
:  )   :  )    :  )

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