Tuesday, January 28, 2014

today i have a few snippets of things i've saved to show you.
i love this artists work~~    so much~

this is why i love photography. it's my little way of leaving
something that matters after i am gone.
how amazing would it be to witness this?
once upon a time i owned a little shop named bella pear.
 i loved them then and i still love,
beautiful images of pears.
i discovered this wonderful website right before Christmas
it's called apifera farm.
it's a wonderful animal rescue farm in Oregon.
please take a couple minutes to look it up.
i love tiaras, remember?  :  )
she should be wearing one....
i would really, really like it if my hair could look like this someday.
how does one transition gracefully to gray
when you're ready?
(not there yet)
i my hair can't look like hers, then maybe i'll just get a couple goats and
wear a bonnet.
stay warm, stay well, and stay classy~
xo, beth

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