Friday, January 24, 2014

table in the darkness

One of my besties gifted all the girls in our book club
with this book at Christmas.
Cindy is lucky enough to work with the author Lee Wolfe Bloom
at the Melrose Center for Eating Disorders in St. Louis Park.
Last night we had the honor and privilege to
have this talented author join us at our
monthly book club.
You know how sometimes when you have an
image of what someone will be like, you are disappointed?
Well LeeWolfe (as her father calls her) did not
Lee was honest, sincere, funny and just really fun to
hang out with. I told another friend on the phone this morning,
that I would love to have her as a neighbor. When she told us
that she calls her sister Walter, after the children's book
Walter the Farting Dog, I knew we could be friends.
(Her kind sister never wants to hurt anyone's feelings, and
is a peacekeeper, thus leaving Lee afraid that she'll
eventually just blow up from holding all her feelings in!  Walter does this
 in the book and he eventually blows up.) 
Lee told us about her desire to share the story of surviving
an eating disorder- but how scary it is to talk about your
childhood, with all it's complexities when your
parents are still alive.
She answered a whole lot of questions from us and she
is as interesting and fun to be around as I was hoping!
I didn't want her to leave....
This is a good book friends. If you know anyone who has,
or is struggling with disordered eating, you will get an inside look
at what their daily life is like and hopefully it will help you
understand them better.~
it is possible to get well and that is the
beauty and truth of her story. 
I cannot believe I forgot to bring my camera and
so I don't have any photos to share, but can I just say
that it was a lovely evening in my friend Mary's newly
remodeled home. After we sat and talked
about eating disorders for a long time, we gathered
around her table and filled our plates with
a whole bunch of really fun, decadent food and chowed down.
I love to chow down.

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  1. i love this! eating disorders are soooooo scary b/c they are a mental battle as well!


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