Thursday, January 9, 2014

she may be little...

and her beginning may have been rocky, 
but she is fierce. 
this is Audrey. Audrey didn't come to this
world in an easy way. This is the precious little
miracle baby I've told you about before. This is
the baby who's mama's water broke at 26 weeks
she was born 8 weeks earlier than her
expected due date.
I took these photos of her when she was 6 weeks old~
 2 weeks before
her due date and she is just a little
rock star! She's doing great and she
is so blessedly healthy and look at how beautiful
and perfect she is!
welcome to the world precious baby girl.
I just can't wait to see how your
life unfolds.




it is such a privilege to photograph a sweet newborn-
thank you jess & I hope these are images you will treasure forever. 

And these two?
I have a feeling if Audrey
can't fight off the boys in Jr. high
these two big brothers will
have her back.
(insert smile)

happy Friday!
xox, beth

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