Tuesday, January 14, 2014

woman camps

I woke up this morning thinking about man camps.
my sister is living in one
in williston ND.
I haven't been there to visit or see it,
but I picture it looking something like this:
(Not really sure why they are called "man camps", but I
suspect it's because they don't really
welcome women there.)

not a whole lot of glamorous going on here right?
"Glamping" it's not.
My sister's hubbie is one of the hard working, risk taking
oil field workers...doing what they do to get the oil
from the fields to the trains out there.
My sis bravely made the decision to accompany him and
live side by side with her guy when he needed to
head west for work.
I admire her. And him. Would I have made the
same decision?
I don't think so. I wish I could say that if
Lars was working there I would have been right
on board to go with and be his
I pretty much know that if he'd been heading to North Dakota
to work for weeks at a time between trips home,
that I would have embraced him, wished him well and said,
"stay safe, I'll see you when you get home"!
Well, this morning I got to thinking...
why don't we start women camps?
They would look something more like this:

A whole bunch of woman living side by side.
We could:

*have potluck meals
*take turns going to the grocery store
*exchange good books
*lay on lawn chairs (by the lake or our pool)
and talk about pop culture
*hire massage therapists to come and
give us foot rubs
*stay in our yoga pants all day
*only do yoga on days that end in T.
*watch American Idol, The Voice,
and Downton Abbey together
*check Face Book frequently

*listen to Adele
no boys allowed.
you in?

xo, beth

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  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there!!!! Add an ice cold beverage and some snicky snacks and we are set! :-)


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