Wednesday, October 2, 2013

why women need women~

                         nothing says fall like plaid wool

why women need other women~ that was
the title of someone else's blog last week
and I loved it. she went on to list reasons she believes
us girls need each other.
I am going to list a few of my thoughts on this
subject to go along with photos from
my weekend with 3 of my best friends.
here's what I get from my girlfriends that I don't get
from my hubbie and sons~
girls are silly.
when the 4 of us are together we laugh
girls like to do things like crafty projects, cook together,
& shop in little towns like Stillwater Mn, not Cabelas
and Gander MTN.
girls will eat quiche instead of bbq'd ribs
(much more to my liking).
girls can sleep together in a king sized bed
(guys- yeah- not so much-why is that?)
when you're with girlfriends, if you need something and
don't have it- just ask one of them- they probably have it
in their purse.
girlfriends will talk about things like feelings.
guys? they talk about the weather.
I've got Sven Sungaard on channel 9 for that.
:   ) are some more of the photos from my weekend
*thanks girls for all the hysterical laughter.
my abs got a good workout!
the river bluff near Stillwater- OMGoodness it was
breathtaking. we screeched to a halt at a
roadside stop and leaped out of the sleek mini van
to try and catch the wonder as the sun was setting!
there were many of these pedal pubs full of funsters tooling around town.
have you ever ridden on one? i'd be one of the two
people on the back resting, taking photos, saving my energy for
the trip home included a stop at
marine on the st. croix's enchanting general store.
 friend leslie was busy looking at cards with her dolly under her arm.
she brought it everywhere. girlfriend loves dolls.
(just kidding, it was her granddaughters)
glad I had my camera, since I came around the corner and
saw Maggie (right there by the pork links) like this.
she is fun. she will "take one for the team" for a good laugh.

on our way home- watching the sunset.... so beautiful~
sunday morning christa made us a quiche with a new recipe
from pioneer woman's cookbook. it was delicious!

such a fun weekend-
happy October friends!
xo, beth

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