Friday, October 18, 2013

it seems like this is going to be the peak weekend for
gorgeous fall leaves in my neck of the woods- there's
snow in the forecast too.
i can hardly tear myself away from the view
out my window this morning...       just    so    beautiful~
we'll be up north at the lodge for the weekend and my
dear aunt and uncle are coming to see
our "happy place" for the
first time. i need to get up there
asap and make sure the bathroom is clean,
vacuum up 1200 asian
beetles (i haven't been there for a couple weeks)
 and get some pumpkin bread baking!
so excited....because she's my surrogate mom,
i know she'll notice every little thing
we've done to make this place our
own and make me feel like a daughter probably feels 
 from a mother's stamp of approval .
i want to walk in the woods and gather pretty
things off the ground, bundle up and
 drink warm beverages-  i'm going to scarf down some honey
crisp apples dipped in caramel
and hopefully have at least one bonfire.
there's a new book loaded on my nook
and bags of groceries by the door
to bring.
i have a hefty list of things i need
to do before we leave this afternoon though
so i'm off... 
hope you find time to do
some things you love this weekend too-
DO NOT waste the whole weekend on chores-
remember folks- the snow is coming!!!!
get outside while you can.

:   )


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  1. Hi sweet friend...
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi...
    I know it's been a while...


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