Thursday, October 10, 2013

october 2011


today is october 10th.
two years ago on oct.10th i wrote my first
blog post and rather nervously hit publish.
i knew my sister would read what i wrote,
(we're thicker than thieves like that.)
but what i didn't know, was if anyone else
in this busy, busy world would care about
what i had to say.
i didn't necessarily think i had anything
earth shattering to say here in this space of mine.
i mostly just wanted to share some of
the multitudes of photos i take each month.
it's twice as much fun to capture all
the beautiful moments when there's someone
to share them with.

growing up i would pour over the old photo albums
at my grandmothers. i would notice all the little
things that made up each picture- the clothing, the hairstyles...
the curtains on the windows and what was on the tables.
those old black and whites were endlessly fascinating to me &
 began a life-long love affair with photography.

  today, 2 years after that first blogpost posted~
i'd like to humbly say thank you to all of
you who have clicked on
brown sparrow studio
(all 30 thousand times to date!!!)
and spent a few minutes of your precious time
taking a peek into my life.
i love you for being one of my readers and
for caring about this little life of mine.
if you had a blog, i guarantee i would read yours too~

big hugs to all of you~  
muwaaaaaa!!!!!!! (that's a kiss)
xo, beth

here's an album of some favorite shots



i hope my eyes never stop seeing the beauty
in the little things,

be blessed!


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