Thursday, October 24, 2013

quick before the snow comes~

I took these pictures right behind our home two weeks ago. 
this is a wildlife area called kerber pond park
and it's SO beautiful there in the fall.
There is a pond in the middle and a rugged walking
path that goes around it.
all this gorgeousness (is that a word?)
was on one afternoon's walk around that pond.

at the end of my walk i sat awhile on this bench.
this is the bench our neighborhood bought and had installed
in memory of a wonderful friend who died in 2011.
we chose this site for mike's bench
because we knew he'd approve and that it
would provide a great resting place with a gorgeous view
out over the ravine. it is a peaceful place.
 when I rest here i remember mikey
 with love and I can almost hear his laugh echo across the way.
(i loved his laugh!)
this weekend i'm going work my butt off and get my potted plants
 cleaned up
and my fountain drained for the year. i'll
put away all the garden art and cushions from the deck.
i'm going to get ready for the changing of the seasons,
because it's here my friends. we have some busy weekends
ahead and a new baby on the way to our
family that I want to race to see so I need to get my work
done so i'll be ready when the snow comes.

 another beautiful fall
(my favorite time of year) is about to wrap up but
wasn't it was a great one?

p.s. I like winter too- even more so now that i have snowshoes.

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful, Beth. I haven't seen any great color this fall, so thanks for sharing yours. They almost look color enhanced! Gorgeous!


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