Tuesday, October 29, 2013

i've got so much catching up to do that i don't
even know were to start
 so i'm just going to jump in and attempt to get
caught up.
two weeks ago my aunt and uncle drove north
to visit us at the cabin. they hadn't been there
yet and we were all soooo excited to see them.
they brought us all kinds of treats, homemade
pickles, some really cool dried pods that dar grew that
resembled tiny orange pumpkins, a big old
plate of swedish cookies using my grandma's
recipe and then there was this beautiful
wreath that my talented aunt made for
our front door. (dar worked as a florist
for many years.)
*a wreath dripping with real bittersweet,
now that's my love language.   :  )


 how cute are these two? kenny and dar. dar is my mom's sister and like a
mother to me. *side note. dar does not color her hair. she is 20 years
my senior. what's that all about? mine has been turning
gray since i was in my early 30's!

we had a little lunch...gave them a tour and then just hung out for a while
before eating again. that's what we do. 

love her...
a stick and a wood burner. perfect entertainment
for our grandson. seth loves to burn cool "hunter
type" things on walking sticks.
speaking of love, duke loves kenzie, our daughter and her boyfriend's dog.
he loves her so much that he's a bit of a pain. adria can only watch his
unwanted advances for so long and then she can't stand it and she takes pity on kenzie. last weekend she came up with this ingenious
doggie gate. duke looks sad don't you think?
what was really funny, was that kenzie was small enough that she
could crawl under one of the chairs to get back over and
play with duke some more. duke however could not, so he had
to wait patiently/pathetically for her to crawl under and it would
start all over again.
kenzie was safe here in the big chair with ad.
by the time we left the lodge on sunday there were 4 inches of snow on the ground~
it was beautiful, but i don't think it lasted and that's o.k. with us. there's plenty of
time for that!
my heart was happy after having family come and visit.
it was just a perfect weekend~
xo, beth


we've been boo'd!
has your neighborhood ever done this?
it's really fun- a goodie bag full of all these amazing
things showed up on my doorstep one morning.
 then you pass it on.
you choose another neighbor and make
a care package for them.
how fun is that???
it's like a may basket in october.
*thanks so much to my secret boo-er!

*my poor hubbie has been suffering since last
thursday with a stubborn kidney stone.
this has included a trip to the dr. on fri.
a trip to the emergency room in the middle of the night
on sunday and lots of pain pills.
darn thing still hasn't passed.
doctors compare passing a stone to giving birth.
that's one miserable labor and delivery.

:   (

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  1. I hope you brought that GORGEOUS wreath home to "share with the 'hood"!!!! Cin Sue


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