Monday, October 14, 2013

chocolate cake brings on labor~

friday evening I stopped at my friends house
to see their little grandson who was
visiting from chicago. great grandma mary had
just arrived from iowa too and she doesn't get to
come to Minnesota all that often. she was also
here to see her little great grandson.
if everything worked out like she hoped, the next little grandbaby
would also be born while she was here, as our friend's
oldest daughter was past her due date.
keely - (who you've seen photos of on my blog),
was more than excited to see her grandma- and wasted no
time telling her that she'd woken up the day before
craving grandma's chocolate cake.
if you know grandmothers, you know that's about all
the coaxing any of them would need to spring into action and fulfill
so although sweet little mary who's 83, didn't have her own
recipe along, cindy helped her find one that was similar and
she set to work...taking the task very seriously- with the hope
that her handiwork would be the catalyst to
bring on labor!!!

it was fun to watch mark helping his momma.
*i think he secretly knew i might blog about her- and he wanted in on the action. :  )
i'd love to know how many cakes these capable hands have made.

three generations together in the kitchen
oh wait... make that 4~ baby jack sat contentedly watching the process...
that was not his bottle on the counter by the way.

so, between jack sitting on the baby bump (his little cousin) and that delicious chocolate cake we enjoyed later
in the worked!
a little baby has been born,
another little boy.
oh the JOY!
i felt so warm in that kitchen on friday night. this is a family
that truly treasures each other and just getting to soak
up the goodness of watching a grandmother
so eager to please and help and nourish her family
made my heart swell with love.

congratulations friends- i can't wait to meet your new grandson!
xo, beth


  1. This is so sweet, what a great memory.!

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  4. Thanks's truly my passion~ : )


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