Saturday, October 12, 2013

o.k. scout's honor~ this is the last time
i'll write about my garden this summer.
it was still just so beautiful last weekend
 i couldn't resist the photos.
this is nature showing off.
usually i don't care for show offs-but for this i'll make an exception.

 this pretty red oak grows right next to the garden.

 we waited all summer for this. these sweet corn ears
looked so small i almost didn't pick them.
glad i did though, they were delicious!

 leaves that looked like art in the birdbath~

 i found these mushrooms in the deep dark woods.
don't they look like something from a children's fairytale?
i did some research~ they are "poisonous"
(and used in some counties as a mild inebriate).

the project of the weekend was building a lean to off of the chicken coop.
we'll use it to stack wood under. last winter we had one wood stove,
this winter there will be two. we're going to need a whole
lot of wood to keep 2 stoves fed.
 the boys took apart
an old goat hutch and reused the tin to make it.
 reduce, reuse, recycle.
we're all about it.

it rained most of the weekend, but not enough to keep us in the cabin.
 eric and i hauled and stacked this first batch of wood.
he's fun to do projects with.  he's always
willing to help me with stuff when i ask.
(love that boy).
i got a new vacuum and cleaned house for most of the day today.
i also made a pot of my favorite soup, did laundry, ran to the grocery store
and took a walk around the pond behind our house.
it was just a simple, good day.
xo, beth



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  2. Just love seeing your pics and hearing about life at the cabin! xxoo


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