Wednesday, September 25, 2013

f a l l


isn't it just the best how you
don't think you ever want summer to end
and then fall just happens- slowly and
magically the color of the trees
starts to change and you see
pumpkins pop up on
neighbors porches.
apple cider appears on the end caps
at the grocers
and a sweatshirt feels good
with your shorts.
the cooler air feels so good and having
the windows open is
i love fall. it's my favorite season in fact.
 i cannot imagine living
anywhere without all 4 seasons.
and the new fall shows are starting on the telee,
PARENTHOOD is back!!!!
thursday nights- 9 p.m
woo hooooooooooo~
grab a plaid blanket and
 watch it with me why don't ya?
xo, b

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