Friday, September 6, 2013

a holy experience

you don't become a parent by
bearing a child.
you become a parent by
bearing witness to his life.
                                   ann voskamp
i would be so glad if you took the time
to look at ann's blog today
i don't know how to explain it, other than to say
that ann's writing is a gift from God .
she writes in such a profound way that
i often think, "who can i share this with? who's life
will be enriched by her words".
i seriously want to share her with every single person i care about.
it's that good- her words-so do yourself a favor and
read what she says today about being a parent
and bearing witness to all that life will hand your children.
being a parent will break your heart, over and over and over-
and i wouldn't have it any other way~

when you have children your heart will be fractured in a million tiny ways,
fractured mostly from joy-but some of the wounds will be from terror.
today i attended the funeral of a dear friends mother.
i listened to the wonderful things her family
had to say about this good italian mother who lived long and
loved well.
i left with a hunger for pasta
and a hunger to cherish all that life
throws my way.

another funeral is being planned for a beautiful young
mother, who left this earth on monday
in a very tragic way.
it left her 5 yr. old daughter to face the
first day of kindergarten and then the rest
of her life- without her mother.

we need our mothers our whole lives. whether
we are blessed enough to have that privilege
or not- does not stop the longing.

if you are a mother, you will be asked to
bear witness to the whole of your child's life.

and it will be your biggest blessing.
how lucky are we?

xo, beth

*the photo up top is of one of the coolest mothers that ever walked the planet. wini krueger. here she stands
looking at her beloved mountains in north carolina.

this mother bore witness to much- and did it with more grace and acceptance than anyone
i've ever known.


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