Friday, September 20, 2013

our new garden at the lodge has been my
happy place this summer.
it was a bit of a slow start- and some things didn't do so well.
some things met with an unfortunate demise
when lars -trying to be helpful-
sprayed roundup around the fence and it drifted over into
the garden. holy toledo though it ended up
being a really wonderful gardening spot.
last weekend i spent about an hour picking things and then
another hour taking pictures of the bounty.
the miracle of tossing some tiny black seeds in the
ground and ending up with all of THIS will
never cease to amaze me.
*of all God's gifts to us (they're
 too numerous to count) flowers
may just be my favorite.

this rather unsightly rope above the
fence was an experiment. IT WORKED!!!
there have been no critters in the garden
other than maybe some birds.

  love sweet peas. here is the one and only blossom for the year.
I thought it deserved it's own picture-own vase-
and a chance to be on my blog.

there were oodles of bees. i just left them
alone and they just minded their own business too.
along with trying to tap our maple trees to make
syrup, maybe we should build some bee hives~

 this huge mass is TWO cherry tomato plants.

both the lettuce and the tomatoes for this salad were from the garden.
i also dug turnips with every intention of
cooking them- but i didn't end up doing it- so i left them
out for the critters to munch on.
deer like turnips-we like deer it's a win-win situation!


favorite photo
of the weekend.
want a bucket full of happiness?
 plant yourself some zinnias.

                       make the most of your weekend  dear ones~                                     
me and the bee signing off,

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