Wednesday, September 4, 2013

well labor day has come and gone, the kiddies are
back in school across the state...and
  driving to work today
there wasn't a single solitary garage sale sign out.
summer has bid us
& all i can say is what? why? why not?
why aren't there garage sales going on?
come on mom's- the kids are in school, you most
likely cleaned out their closets to get them ready for the year 
and you should keep on going....
clean ladies-- organize, purge. simplify~  and put it all on a table with a sign that says:
"your choice 50 cents"
stick a sign on the corner 
I will find you- with my handy little ever-ready yard sale purse
i will find you.
it's too early for yard sales to be OVER for the year.
it always makes me sad.
girlfriend loves the thrill of the hunt.
all my family members hunt.
i'm a hunter too.... i just have different prey in mind.
here's a few recent finds that i'm excited about.
they've been thrift store found or garage sale bound.
these blue and green plates are just perfect with some of my mugs
i had the mug, but found this cool enamel plate that has already been used at the lodge.

kind of in love with this collage art mirror. isn't it fabulous?
 then there's this drop leaf table. about two weeks ago i decided i wanted a small wooden
table that had "character" to take up to our cabin.
i wanted it to look lodge like and be small
enough for me to pick up and move, but large enough to do a project on
 or carry outside
for a quiet breakfast under the trees.

i found it at st. claires and it was only $35. and the best part?
i consign some things there and i had sold $33 worth~ so my
perfect table only cost me a cool 2 bucks.


and this last group of finds came from shop 501 in chaska.
i think the well loved puppy puppet is so darned cute and
this old tin box and velvet covered compact will make a
fun fall display.

the hint of fall in the air has me thinking of soup with fresh bread,
pumpkin pies and sweaters.

i'm not really ready to say goodbye to the summer yard sales
and my flowers
but if i must, i'll replace them with thrift shops and more time
to hunker down and start a knitting project or two.
maybe even work in my studio a bit.

happy september y'all,

xo beth


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